Over Half Of Men Masturbate Every Day

Last Jan 2014 we ran a survey on masturbation habits (thank you to everyone that took part) and now we can uncover the truth about how often, where and for how long British men really take a hand to their own sexual pleasure.

We found that 18% of men masturbate more than once per day, while 40% admitted to around once per day. 36% claimed to do it weekly with just 4% saying only once a month and 2% claiming never.

Conducted throughout January on 168 male participants, our results shed fascinating new light on a topic that of us are too embarrassed to discuss openly.

Questions included such details as favourite locations (68% prefer the bedroom, 12% the bathroom, and 14% the living room), whether respondents had ever been caught in the act, and how often sex toys are used. 35% said they had used a sex toy while masturbating, with 65% saying they had never been tempted to introduce a toy to their private pleasure sessions.

The most surprising result we found was that 41% of those polled admitted to having previously used a sock while masturbating. We never thought people actually used socks, perhaps an explanation for this is because they are within easy reach?

One of the questions we asked focused on duration, 33% said their sessions usually lasted between 10 and 15 minutes but 22% said they allow just one to five minutes to complete the job. When we asked those who were surveyed whether they preferred masturbating to sex, just 7% said yes but a further 32% hedged their bets with ‘sometimes’.

It’s one of those habits that is often joked about but rarely seriously discussed, we know that most men find it hard to initiate a serious conversation with friends so it was intriguing to conduct the survey and get honest answers from men of all ages and of various relationship statuses.