Have You Seen This Wanker?

A photo has emerged on social media of a man having a casual wank today on the 16.37 train from Fenchurch to Chafford Hundred.

The photo which was subtly snapped by twitter user @lauren_kerr18 can be seen below (NSWF).

Not only does the picture show the man masturbating in public, but it clearly shows that the wanker doesn’t have a tissue or sock to hand to clean up after himself.

We want to help a wanker in need and provide him with the world’s best and original Wank Sock free of charge so that he doesn’t make this same mistake again, but we need YOUR help. Please help us find this man.

Help us spread the word on twitter, or facebook, or if you think you know who the man in question is give us an email contact@wanksock.com.