Information Leaflet

Below is the copy from the information leaflet that is supplied with every Wank Sock purchase. Click on the leaflet image to enlarge it.

Gentlemen’s Wank Sock – For The True Wanker

Congratulations on receiving your gentlemen’s Wank Sock, never has there been a product out there to offer such life changing benefits for wankers such as yourself. With the original and best Wank Sock from you can wank anywhere in comfort, style, and without mess! Someone out there must really like you.

Enclosed in this pack you’ll find not one, but two Wank Socks, so not only can you enjoy wanking by yourself, you can enjoy wanking with a wanker friend of yours too!


Can the Wank Sock cause excessive muscle build up?
While there is no evidence to suggest that using the Wank Sock can cause excessive muscle build up, we do suggest that the wanker alternates its use between hands.

Can excessive use cause blindness?
Having looked extensively into the science of wanking, we can confirm that there is no correlation between wanking and blindness.

What material is the Wank Sock made from?
The Wank Sock is made using the highest quality wanking material available to humanity. 70% cotton, 28% polyester and 2% elastane.

How do I wash the Wank Sock?
The great thing about the Wank Sock is that you can wash it just like any other normal sock.