The Best & Original Wank Sock


Wank sock is the perfect gift for any true wanker in your life. Whether it’s your wanker boss, wanker work colleague, wanker friend or Piers Morgan. The wanker can

  • Wank in comfort
  • Wank in style
  • Wank without mess
  • Wank anywhere

Buy One Wank Sock Get One Free*!

Each wank sock comes with another complimentary wank sock, so with 2 socks the wanker in your life can choose to keep it as a spare, or wank with a friend!

*each individual order consists of one pack and two Wank Socks.

Product Information

Your order will contain everything you need to make the wanker in your life a happy wanker.

When the wanker sees his Wank Sock for the very first time he’ll barely be able to contain his excitement, it’s sure to raise more than just a smile.

Enclosed in our premium packaging the wanker will find 2 Wank Socks. These are made using the finest quality wanking material available to humanity.

The wanker can choose to use the 2nd Wank Sock to wank with a friend, or if he doesn’t have any friends he can use it as a spare.

Inside the wanker will also find an information leaflet, congratulating him on his gift, and comical, yet vital frequently asked questions. Make sure the wanker reads it, if he can’t read then please kindly read it out to him.

The look on the wankers face when he sees Wank Sock for the first time is a picture that you’ll always remember. Click here to buy him one today.


Can the Wank Sock cause excessive muscle build up?
While there is no evidence to suggest that using The Wank Sock can cause excessive muscle building, we do suggest that the wanker alternates its use between hands.

Can excessive use cause blindness?
Having looked extensively into the science of wanking, we can confirm that there is no correlation between wanking and blindness.

What material is the Wank Sock made from?
The sock is made using the highest quality wanking material available to humanity. 70% cotton, 28% polyester and 2% elastane.

How do I wash the Wank Sock?
The great thing about the Wank Sock is that you can wash it just like any other normal sock. We’ve included the washing instructions below.